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Welcome! Karibu! Boyei malamu! Bienvenue! Ndewo! Kaabo!

Welcome to Tropicana Lounge, an exciting and vibrant African Café, Bar & Restaurant in the heart of Amsterdam SouthEast. We invite you on a culinary adventure that celebrates the rich flavours, diverse cultures, and warm hospitality of the African continent.

At Tropicana Lounge, we are passionate about showcasing the vast array of culinary traditions that span the African continent. Our team of talented chefs meticulously crafts each dish to capture the authentic flavours and essence of African cuisine. From West African delicacies to Central African favourites, from East African specialties to the vibrant flavours of Southern Africa, our menu is a true reflection of the continent’s gastronomic diversity.

Step into our warm and inviting ambiance where the vibrant colours and comfortable seating create a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Every detail from the décor to the music has been carefully curated to transport you to the heart of the continent.

A Few Words About Us​

Serving Best Grilled Fish And Steaks Since 2000s

At Tropicana Lounge we believe that dining is not just about the food but also about the shared experience. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is always committed to providing impeccable service, ensuring that every visit is memorable and leaves you with a long lasting smile.

Whether you are joining us for a romantic dinner, a family celebration or simply a night out with friends, Tropicana Lounge offers a dining experience that is both sophisticated and welcoming. Sit back and relax in our welcoming and stylish café and bar, designed to create a warm and inviting atmosphere where everyone feels at home irrespective of their background or familiarity with African cuisine.

Our Core Values

We are very passionate about promoting the rich cultural heritage of Africa. Our menu and atmosphere is aimed at showcasing the culinary abundance and richness of the Mother continent; Africa. Beyond our walls, we strive to be an active member of the Amsterdam South East community. We will regularly roll out special offers for senior citizens and also other segments of our community. Our aim is to ensure that every one within our community is given the opportunity to enjoy the “Full African Experience” offered by Tropicana Lounge!

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